Monday, 30 March 2015

4 Things You Need to Know about Change

1. There is no “new normal.” Things don’t stay the same long enough to normalize. And once you start thinkingthings are normal, you quit paying attention and get blindsided by the next change, big or small.
2. Singular solutions don’t exist. You can’t focus just on customer service and build a world-class company. Operations, finance, sales and marketing are just a few of the other truly critical areas that require ongoing attention.
3. Mastery of change requires both ability and speed. Given enough time, almost anybody can change. The key is to change faster than your competition or the demands of the marketplace.
4. Nobody will do it for you. There are no magic bullets. Sure, lots of people will help, advise, counsel and encourage. You might even hire a terrific coach or consultant to help you in needed areas. But ultimately you do the work.

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