Wednesday, 22 October 2014

7 Signs of World Class Leaders!

Every day I have a conversation with someone different.  These are people who are all on different levels of leadership.  I’ve spoken to CEO’s, managers, authors, school teachers, stay at home moms, etc… you get the idea.
Although I love connecting with my readers, and hopefully you and I will connect like this one day, I can’t help but sometimes feel a bit sad.
There is a surprising number of people who don’t feel that they are worthy of their position or leadership.
“Oh Marty, I just don’t feel like I’m making a difference.”
“I don’t think I’m a world class leader.”

Comments like these drive me nuts!  Sure there are some people that I talk to that could use a nudge or two in the right direction, but it boggles my mind at how often I hear these sort of self-degrading remarks from wonderfully remarkable people.
Trust me:  I know what it feels like to be down on yourself, but if you could just see yourself the way I see you…  You’d be unstoppable!
So here I’ve gathered 7 signs that you’re a World Class Leader.  If you ever been down on yourself and don’t think you’re at a world class level of leadership, then this is for you!

Leadership: The Present, Future, Exponential Growth, & Authenticity

World Class Leaders are always in the moment.  This means that you’re open and observant.  You’re a flexible person and you don’t freak out when circumstances change.
Lost that big client?  Got yourself a troublesome customer?  Have an employee with a nasty attitude?
The initial reaction for many people may be to flip out and lose it.  It might happen in front of their team or in private.  But this won’t happen to you.  You’re a World Class Leader and Warrior.  You handle things differently.  As a leader, you know that your team will ultimately mirror you, so take in the changing circumstances in the best possible way.
I’ve briefly touched on being present and in the moment here this blog post, How To Take The Headache Out of Leadership: 5 Simple Rules.  Check it out for some easy pointers on how to center yourself in the now.
World Class Leaders are future oriented.  Even though you’re ever present in the moment, you don’t forget to look to the future.  You’re smart; you plan ahead and prepare yourself and your team.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you had grand visions and great ambitions for your future and were excited to move forward in life.
World Class Warriors know where they’re headed and move with excitement and purpose.
World Class Leaders seek challenges in life to grow at an exponential rate.  You know you can rise to the demands of life and welcome obstacles with open arms, for you know they are only stepping stones that will lead you to greatness.
You’re gold waiting to be refined into its purest form.  This can only happen if the heat is turned up to rid the unnecessary materials.  Such is the same with life and business.
Look adversity in the face and laugh!  When you feel the world is crumbling down, just look up and smile.  It means you will only become a stronger leader when it is all through.
World Class Leaders are truly and authentically interested in other people; especially those they are leading to victory.  I’m not saying that you have to be a social butterfly.  This only means that you do not have a single shallow relationship.
Connecting with people is incredibly important to you and is seen as an opportunity to learn, grow, and share a piece of your life.  You know that every single person in your life has something to teach you, and that you can add value to their life as well.

Creativity, Meaning, and Values

World Class Leaders do not stray from their values. Even though you enjoy the accompaniment on your journey, you know there will be a few people along the way that compromise your values.  World Class Leaders do not divert from their core values just to make someone else happy.
Some people may be looking in, from the outside, and view this stance as selfish, stubborn, narcissistic, whatever.  The reality is this: You have the courage to stay true to your core values, and move forward with confidence.
World Class Leaders are driven by creativity.  You are a storyteller, a thought leader, a life designer, and an artist.  You create and tune into your own perspective without completely abandoning the ability to see things from the perspective of others.  You actively engage in your creativity and boldly take pride in it and that’s part of what makes you a world class leader.
Having problems with getting your creative juices (doesn’t that sound kind of gross?) flowing?  Then go outside!  Go for a short walk.  Listen to your favorite music.  Meditate!
There’s no reason you can’t be in a creative state of mind at any given moment.  There’s always something you can do to change it.
World Class Leaders are meaning makers.  You just don’t let yourself get bogged down in the mundane details that would normally bring up other people’s short comings.  You know you have the power to give positive and great meaning to everything you do and to everything that happens.
You’ve got the uncanny ability to make others see the big picture and the wonderful meaning you’ve given it.  And because of this they get excited over it and are motivated on your behalf, creating a perpetual wheel of success.
This is the kind of environment you create.  A meaningful one.

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