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This is it - Make the most of your abilities!

Are you missing something?

Are you making the most of your Leadership potential?

Have you more to give?

At The Leadership Academy we are committed to helping you make the most of the Leadership potential you KNOW you have - but need a push in the right direction.

This course is based on the classic writings of Harry Collins Spillman, who was described in 1920 as ‘One of the most fluent, forceful and thoughtful speakers in America’.  Today he would be considered a ‘Motivational Coach’, or perhaps a ‘Self Improvement Guru’.

This fortnightly course is based on a classic book of Harry’s, and is re-issued in the original style. 

Each module consists of an introductory text, a chapter from the original writings, followed by a brief questionnaire, designed to challenge and stretch your own thinking and your own understanding.  We advise reading, thinking through the concepts raised, and then honestly, and in your own time, thinking through, and meditation on what this means to you chapter of text, an intis a  , with a short questionnaire

What will I learn?

The course is delivered in nineteen modules, fortnightly directly to your inbox, and the topics covered are;
  • Module 1: SELF SURVEY AND CONTROL;  It rests with every man to fix his own price;  $50,000, $100,000, or even a MILLION dollars!  What are you worth? 
  • Module 2: THINKING I CAN;  There is only one person whose respect is absolutely indispensable to your success and that person is you!
  • Module 3: EYES THAT SEE;  Every sunrise ushers in a new world of beauties and opportunities!  What will you discover today?
  • Module 4: “MY SHIPS”;  Our capacity for achievement is measured by our ability to imagine..
  • Module 5: THE STANDARD BEARER;  In everyone there is a unique idea;  It MUST come forth!
  • Module 6: TIDES OF LIFE;  Travellers along the highway of success have not always voyaged an unbroken course…
  • Module 7: UNLISTED ASSETS;  It seems strange that so many of us allow our self-interests to rest upon money…
  • Module 8: PERSONALITY POWER;  A winning personality may be achieved by a careful study of two things - dress and address.
  • Module 9: IDEALISING THE REAL;  We are judged by our capacities rather than our infirmities.  
  • Module 10: THE OLD HOME TOWN;  Set down roots.  Happiness is not ‘over there’ but here.  Not then but now..
  • Module 11: WINNING WITH WORDS;  Poverty of words is the most embarrassing weakness one can have..
  • Module 12: THE CONQUEST OF HAPPINESS;  The world longs for spiritual sunshine; Are you in love with the day?
  • Module 13: ASSEMBLING THE FRAGMENTS;  The balance between earning and spending.  Between excess and debt.
  • Module 14: DOING UNTO OTHERS;  A man cannot travel far down the pathway of success alone.  He must go in company…
  • Module 15: THE HABIT OF HARMONY;  The world’s grandest harmony does not come from the keys of a piano or the strings of a violin… but where?
  • Module 16: MAKING FRIENDS WITH THE CLOCK; Who steals your purse steals trash, but whoever steals your time is depriving you of your life..
  • Module 17: DEFYING THE YEARS;  No-one viewing life as an unending adventure can wisely wish to be younger..
  • Module 18: THAT WHICH IS CAESAR’S;  Second only to someone’s devotion to God and country should be their loyalty to those who pay them..
  • Module 19: COUNTING YOUR FRIENDS;  If we lost all we possessed, we would be rich indeed if we still have our friends around us.. 

Only £97 for the entire course.



We are so confident that you will benefit from this superb course, which is based on traditional values - not the latest ‘whizz kid’ thinking.  This information has stood the test of time - but if it's not for you, let us know before the second module, and we'll refund the fee - no quibble.

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